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Emergency and Safety Communication Information

Safety Communication Plan

Movement of students to an alternate safe site (off site evacuations) may be put into effect after a determination that it is unsafe to remain on the campus and an off site assembly area is required. 

We will determine the safest method for the evacuation.  This may require the use of school buses, or simply walking to an off site location.

Your first point of critical information during a lengthy incident or an incident that would require some level of building evacuation will be the Thompson School District web site:

View our complete Safety Communication Plan


Types of Drills


Types of Drills:

  • Fire drills/Evacuation
  • Tornado drill/Shelter in Place
  • Lockdown drill
  • Offsite Evacuation Drill to Meadow Park

LEMS Emergency Communication Plan

During any Event or Disaster

School personnel are trained to notice children who may be struggling emotionally and provide them with the support they need. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you have concerns about your child. Our school counselors are trained to provide emotional support and to help with any concerns students or parents may have in light of this incident. We rely heavily on the efforts of parents and guardians to provide emotional support for children at home, and to reinforce the fact that schools are safe places for children to be.
For more information on how to help your child, or other school mental health resources, the following may be helpful:

School Evacuation

During a critical incident at LEMS, we may be asked to place our school in “lockdown” or “shelter-in-place” status.  During these critical incidents, communication is a key aspect of our preparedness.  This communication plan is in place to help our school personnel and emergency/police services keep our students and staff safe.

1st Evacuation Site- Crossroads Church - 5420 North Taft Avenue- MAP

2nd Evacuation Site- Ponderosa Elem.- 4550 Florence Drive- MAP

LEMS Emergency Communication Plan

At the evacuation site, students will be provided with land line phone access to place calls to parents, and parents are requested to immediately pick up their student(s).  Students could also be loaded on buses that will run “regular” bus routes and those students will be dropped at their bus stops or homes.

Students may be picked up by a custodial parent/emergency contact with ID only.  Students will not be released to parents/guardians until we reach our evacuation site.


Student Communication


Students are required to NOT use cell phones for voice or text messages as over 900 cell phone calls will block and interfere with the communications of emergency services.

Parents should NOT call students’ cell phones and DO NOT call the school as we are involved in creating a safe environment for students and staff.  Your phone call to the school will further disable and block our communication with emergency services.

Parents should not arrive at the school until the situation is resolved as added traffic will interfere with emergency services and may place people on the exterior of the building at greater risk.

Students will not be released to parents/guardians until we reach our evacuation site.