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Dress Code


Erwin Middle School is very proud of it's student population. Students shall be well-groomed, and clothing should be neat and clean at all times. The responsibility for dress and grooming rests primarily with the student and his/her parents. However, staff will encourage appropriate dress and grooming and help students learn what is appropriate to wear, when, and where.

Traditionally hats are removed when someone enters a building. This was a sign of respect and considered good manners. Here at Erwin we remove our hats from the time we enter the building in the morning to the time classes are over for the day to show our respect for the learning that takes places within these walls. Thank you for not wearing your hats.

Prohibited Dress

Any form of dress or hairstyle which is considered:

  • Contrary to good hygiene
  • Distractive or disruptive
  • Derogatory to either gender
  • Detrimental to the purpose of school

Any type of dress or action which includes:

  • Gang membership or affiliation by written communication, whistling, hand signs, language, recruitment, posturing, tattoos, hair or eyebrow cuts, drawing, painting or design upon any school or personal property
  • Any clothing or actions which lead to staff to reasonably believe that such apparel or action is gang related and would disrupt or interfere with the school environment and/or educational objectives (This can include paraphernalia, displaying colors, directional - north, south, east, west - clothing displaying numbers - especially 13, 14, 18 or combinations of those, rolled pant legs or sleeves, and anything related to ICP, Marilyn Monroe, or other individuals/groups with known/pervasive gang symbolism/actions)

Any style of dress and unreasonable body exposure such as: 

  • Tube tops, spaghetti straps, T-backs, halter tops
  • Short shorts or skirts
  • Low cut blouses, see-through blouses
  • Half shirts/cropped tops, net shirts
  • Shirts, pants, sweats, shorts or jeans with holes that create an inappropriate appearance or that are distracting
  • No stomachs, backs, breasts, buttocks, or underwear may be visible at any time.

Any items of clothing including:

  • Hats, jewelry, and apparel that advocate, advertise, or promote the use of controlled substances such as alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
  • Anything sexually suggestive in nature
  • Clothing that exhibits vulgar, obscene or crude language
  • Clothing or any item that is offensive or supports violence
  • Shoes and footwear are required at all times
  • Undergarments will not show
  • Pants must fit at the waist without the aid o a belt/NO SAGGING
  • Pajamas and slippers are not to be worn at any time

Students should dress for extracurricular activities with similar guidelines as in school

Consequences for Dress Code Violations

The administration reserves the right to determine whether clothing is distracting, indecent, or inappropriate to wear in the school environment. Violations of the dress code are subject to disciplinary action. The discipline measure taken will be based upon the degree and frequency of violations.

All staff members will enforce the dress code. This dress code will be enforced beginning first period and for the entire school day. 

Students wearing unacceptable apparel will be asked to change, cover their clothing, or have parents bring a change of clothing. Erwin spirit wear will be available in the office for students in violation of the dress code to wear and borrow for one day.

Continual violations of the dress code will result in a parent conference and the possibility of the student's removal from school.

The following articles will not be allowed:

  • Hats, bandanas, or sunglasses
  • Chains hanging from pockets
  • Spiked belts or neck collars
  • Coats and backpacks in classrooms
  • Laser pointers