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Morning Drop Off Policy


Hello! Please note LEMS policy in the morning before the 8:40 (9:40 Wednesday) bell rings. When your child/children arrive in the morning before the 8:40 (9:40 Wednesday) bell they must wait outside their grade level pod unless they are dropping off an instrument (go in and back outside to their pod) or have a library pass.  They cannot wander around outside or go to other grade level pods outside. If it is raining or the outside temperature  is 13 or below all students enter and wait in the cafeteria until the 8:40 (9:40 Wednesday) bell rings.

If they are eating breakfast - 8:15-8:40 (9:15 - 9:40 Wednesday) - only have them enter through the cafeteria doors not through the front doors of the school and to be sure you are dressed for the weather. 
Thank you!

LEMS Administration