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Upcoming 6th Grade Couse Registration

Course Registration 2024-25


*Incoming 6th Grade Families

The deadline for registration is extended until 2/29/24


1. If you were at the Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night on 2/15/24 and used a QR code to access the Google Classroom, please use your student's tsd log in & password to access the classroom/registration information.


2. If your student attends one of our feeder schools, you would have been sent an email invitation to join the LEMS Class of 2031 classroom in Google Classroom. All of the transition/registration information is there and directions are provided. 


3. If you did not receive an invitation email, go to Google Classroom and click the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner and click "join" with the code kmnfzxh


4. If none of these steps work for you, please contact our Registrar, Jenny Wills, at 970-613-7616 or at