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LEMS Library Media Center

Welcome to LEMS Library Media Center

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lucile Erwin Middle School Library  is to create an inclusive space where students and staff can see themselves in books, lessons, characters, and authors, enhance competency in multiple literacies while providing free intellectual and physical access to materials in a wide variety of formats, as well as collaborate with students and staff in their mission to become life long learners.


*Students MUST have their student ID with them in order to check out a book. Replacement IDs may be purchased in the library for $3.00.

*Students may check out two books at a time.

*Books may be checked out for two weeks.

*Renew your book for longer-no ID needed, just the book.

*Students are charged $0.05 per school day per overdue book until the total reaches $2.00 where it will be capped.  Fines may be larger amounts if books are damaged or lost and need to be replaced.